AlmiraMAN is a Triathlon event race, taking place in Olympic Coast of Katerini area only 67 kms from Thessaloniki City (North Greece).

Is an event started by the love and passion of some people for sport. Held in Katerini beach overlooking the Thermaikos Gulf and the first leg of Halkidiki, while the imposing Olympus dominates the landscape.

First edition was in 2014 and in 2015 most of greatest Greek Athletes were participating this race, among others Krommidas Vasilis (winner of the race) which was the record holder of 18-25 age group in Kona since 1994 and Chris Garefis recently 1rst age group (60-65) winner in Chicago ITU World Triathlon Series (Sept 2015) both in sprint & Olympic distance.

The coming year event is a very challenging one for us and the organizing team, as having the support of local prefecture, we would like to proceed in a very competitive race event.

7th almiraMAN

target market

TRIAS Athletic Association in cooperation with the Municipality of Katerini, Katerini OPPAP and the Regional Unit of Pieria, under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Kitros, Katerini and Platamonas are organizing Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, September 2020, International Triathlon race and open sea swimming.

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Two triathlon racing distances, almiraMAN (half iron distance) 1.9km swim, 90 km bike, 21 km run and almirafast (sprint distance) 750 meters swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run.
The cycling circuit will be closed to traffic in the direction of the race. (In the sections where there is oncoming traffic, the participants must respect the Highway Code and not invade the opposite lane).

Race Program

1.000, 2.500 and 5.000 meteres.
Race starts at 10:30

Α. Individuals and Team relay almira FAST
Start time 15:30

Time 18:00
(Distance 500 m. From the race venue) 

C. Race Briefing
Time 20:00

D.Pasta Party
Time 20:30
Location : almira beachbar

Α. almiraMAN (individuals and relay)

Start time 07:00

During the main event there are going to be cycling and running races for kids up to 14 years old.

B. Awards Ceremony
Time 15:00
Location : almira beachbar

Friday  17:00 - 21:00
Saturday  07:00 - 20:00

Registration desk will be open on Saturday  from 11:00-20:30 and  on Sunday from  5:30-6:30, at the starting line of the race. 

Age group categories:

Man & Women










Team relay

The first overall in the men's category and women and of each category will receive a cup.

All who finish will receive finish medal.

Bike check-in The transition zone will be open on Saturday from 14: 30-15:15 (for Almira Fast) and 17:30-20:00  for  Sunday  events.

 On Sunday from 5:30 to 6:30. 

From Saturday afternoon untilSunday morning the transition zone will be guarded.

Throughout the duration of the race the athlete's number must be clearly visible. 

Swim: mandatory cap of the event. 

Bike: number on the seat post and on the left and right of the helmet. 

Run: The number on the front in a visible place. (It is very handy to have a race belt for the BIB number otherwise an elastic band or rubber band will do). 

External aid Any form of external assistance is forbidden. 

Drafting behind another athlete in the bike leg is forbidden. 

The supervision on this will be by the event organizer. 

For any misconduct a penalty of five minutes (mandatory stop in the transition zone, prnalty box) shall be imposed. Second notice is a 10 minute penalty, third is a DSQ.

Group formations are not allowed and the distance between the competitors will be three bike lengths. Bike Safety Helmet is mandatory. MP3 phones and various sound devices are prohibited. Athletes should always stay on the right side of the road and respect the instructions of volunteers at place. 

Any form of external assistance is prohibited.

Snorkels and fins are allowed in the race with the exception of athletes who will use such from the classification.

Each athlete will get from the organisation:

Swimming Cap 

Number race 

Stickers with race number (3 for the helmet and 1 for the bike)

Technical t-shirt   

Pasta party

After race recovery (sandwich, fruit juice, apple, water)

Sport Bag  ( AlmiraMAN participants)  

Medallion (only finishers)

The declaration, the medical certificate and the deposit at the Bank must be presented in the race. 

Amendment of notice.

The organizers reserve the right to change this notice. 

For any change the athletes will be informed in time. 

For further informations contact us at:  and +306980241390

Almira SWIMM

Our open water swim race gives you the opportunity to compete in three distances 1.000 m (one loop, yellow line), 2.500 m (one loop, red line) and 5.000 m (two loops, red line).

All participants will receive: 1. Finisher medal 2. Race swim cap 3. Sandwich 4. Pasta-party 5. Technical T-shirt

The water temperature at race day is estimated to be between 18 and 21 Celcious.

Age group Categories: Men, Women (without wet suit) 18-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-  (to complete a sub category there must be 5 athletes at least. Otherwise is incorporated to the previous one) 

And general category for wetsuit users.


Participation fee is 25 EURO.

Everybody who is participating on Sundays race can choose to race for free at AlmiraSwimm or AlmiraFAST.

Participants at AlmiraFAST have adiscount of 10 EURO at AlmiraSWIMM.

Registration form 


1. almiraFAST Individuals

from 35€

Till 31 January 2020 – 35,00 €

From 20/3 to 31/8 – 45,00 €

From 1/9 to 21/9 – 50,00 €

Race weekend - 55,00 €

2. almiraFAST Relay

from 60€

Till 31 January 2020 – 60,00 €

From 20/3 to 31/8 – 65,00 €

From 1/9 to 21/9 – 70,00 €

Race weekend - 75,00 €

3. almiraMAN Individuals

from 100€

Till 31 January 2020 – 100,00 €

From 20/3 to 31/8 – 110,00 €

From 1/9 to 21/9 – 120,00 €

Race weekend - 130,00 €

4. almiraMAN Relay

from 130€

Till 31 January 2020 – 130,00 €

From 20/3 to 31/8 – 140,00 €

From 1/9 to 21/9 – 150,00 €

Race weekend - 160,00 €

Everybody participating on Sundays event has free entry, for AlmiraFAST or AlmiraSWIMM 

The deposit is being made at the bank account you will get after you register.
Your name and the word AlmiraMAN must been shown at the deposit.


Thank you!!!!
Thanks everybody helped past years organization so we had an excellent race!

Volunteer! The spirit of the race, the person every athlete wants to see at his every step. At almiraMAN everybody can help either at the Start line, Finish Line, Transition zone, Feeding station, etc.

The organization team will try to get everyone of you at the spot you choose,
if it is possible (Please send an email to to participate )

Every volunteer will get the special t-shirt of the organization 

For all volunteers the pasta party is free (Saturday evening) and during the race day there are going to be free snacks, fruit juice and water. 

Please contact Chrintine Miliotis, phone +30 6906418375 -



Our race is being supporting from the INTERCITY COACHES “KTEL”.
The offer for the athletes and your family-friends coming with you is 34, 00€ per person
from Athens to the race site and back.
Visit the KTEL website at:
To activate the offer after you complete your registration contact the race committee.

Download the list of partner hotels. There are a lot of options where to stay when you will come for the race and here are some very good offers. To get the offer price you see below you have to contact the hotel you interested in and ask for the discount for our race “almiraMAN”.
All the hotels and apartments are in a range of 500 to 2500 meters away from starting point.

Will be announced soon.

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